Join ECAA, the Hungarian Arbitration Association and the Mathias Corvinus Collegium at the upcoming conference “WALKING THE NEW SILK ROAD: EU – China economic-legal relations and dispute settlement in context” in Budapest on Tuesday, 15th November 2022.

The conference addresses and explores some of the many complex economic and legal implications of the BRI, as well as the role and importance of dispute prevention and resolution in relation to the BRI strategy between Europe and China. ECAA is kicking off the conference with a morning research seminar on the topic of insolvency and arbitration. Professor Reinhard Bork, Board Member of ECAA will be speaking on insolvency law intertwined with arbitration law. Professor Bork is the co-publisher of the “European Cross-Border Insolvency Law” (Oxford University Press) published in August 2022. He will be discussing with arbitration lawyers from different jurisdictions as moderator on their experience on arbitrating and mediating with insolvent parties. The panelists are Dr. Thierry Lauriol from Jeantet, Paris, Dr. Katharina Kitzberger, from Weber & Co, Vienna, Zoltan Fabok, DLA Budapest and Lei Niu, Global Law Office, Shanghai.

The second and the third panel will be accompanied by keynote speeches of prominent speakers including a representative of Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Ambassador of China to Hungary, Professor M. Sornarajah (Emeritus Prof., National University of Singapore) and Cui Yang, Deputy of CIETAC EU. Alice Meissner, Board of ECAA, will be discussing on the second panel on “Dispute resolution with Chinese parties: opportunities and challenges”, along with Robin Oldenstam (SCC), Marianna Kecsmar (ICC) and János Burai-Kovács (Arbitration Court of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce).